• Wedding Dance Classes

  • Sample of one of our choreographed dances:

  • We offer wedding dance private lessons for:

    Bride & Groom First dance

    Father & Daughter dance

    Mother & Son dance

    Wedding Party dance

    Make your wedding ceremony extra special :) 

    Double Time Dance Studio will choreograph a wedding first dance that matches your personality and wedding style.

    Having worked with wedding couples for the past ten years, we have developed effective teaching methods to help couples with different dance levels, needs and goals. 

    Great way to have fun and impress your guests!

  • Wedding Dance Package Options
  • Packages Cost Description
    # 1$295 + tax Three private lessons for the Bride & Groom to perfect your favorite dance styles/moves
    # 2$495 + tax Six private lessons for the Bride and Groom with individualized choreography and filming
    # 3$895 + tax Twelve private lessons for the Bride and Groom as well as Father/Daughter and Mom/Son
    # 4Price TBD Customized to accommodate your specific wishes
  • Questions we're likely to ask you

    • Do you have a special song?

    • Is there a particular type of dance you would like to learn?  (Country, Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, Swing, Disco)?

    • Are you open to taking group lessons before your private choreography lessons?

  • Questions often asked by the bride and groom:

    • What can I expect in my first private wedding dance lesson?

      If you have a special song you've selected for your wedding dance, please bring it to your lesson.

      We will listen to the music you have selected, or offer you a selection of popular wedding songs to use for your wedding dance.

      We will teach you basic ballroom dance steps appropriate for your experience level and music.

      We enthusiastically encourage you to practice, even if it is just for a few minutes each night in your kitchen.

    • What is the dress attire for the lesson?

      Wear lightweight dress shoes. Avoid sneakers, rubber soled, or spike-heel shoes. Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing. Stretchy, light clothing will be easier to move in.

    • How much will it cost?

      The choreographed wedding lessons package is $450 per couple.  Come see us at the Albuquerque Wedding Expo and receive 10% off!